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Eye hospital in Begusarai

Experience prompt and expert emergency care at Navlok Netralaya in Begusarai. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, ensuring you receive immediate attention and compassionate support during critical situations in your family.

Eye hospital in Begusarai

Our commitment to your eye health extends beyond clinic hours. Our 24/7 call support ensures that you can reach us anytime, whether it’s scheduling an appointment or seeking assistance with your medical records.

Eye hospital in Begusarai

At Navlok Netralaya, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive healthcare solutions, extending our commitment to cutting-edge diagnostics. Our X-ray services ensure accurate and swift imaging.

Eye hospital in Begusarai

At Navlok Netralaya, our team of highly specialized doctors brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to every aspect of eye care. With a focus on precision and patient well-being, we provide personalized and advanced treatments.

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About Us

Vision Excellence: Leading Eye Hospital In Begusarai, Bihar

Welcome to our eye hospital in Begusarai, where we are committed to providing the highest quality eye care services to our patients. Our hospital is staffed with highly trained and experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists who are dedicated to delivering exceptional eye care services in a comfortable and caring environment.


Our Speciality

Our specialty lies in the precision and expertise with which we approach each case, setting us apart as leaders in the field of eye care.

Eye care services in begusarai bihar

X-ray/radiology services.

Our team of board-certified radiologists reviews all X-ray images to ensure the highest level of accuracy in diagnosis.

Eye care services in begusarai bihar
Blood Test

Our blood testing services are available to patients of all ages, and we offer convenient scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle. 

Eye hospital In Begusarai
Glaucoma Services

Our comprehensive glaucoma services include cutting-edge diagnostic testing, personalized monitoring, and a range of treatment options aimed at preserving your precious vision.

Eye hospital in Begusarai

Uvea services offer specialized treatments for conditions affecting the iris, choroid and ciliary body aiming to preserve and improve vision through diagnostic examinations and, surgeries.

Why Choose Us

Experience unparalleled eye care excellence with us. Choose Navlok Netralaya for a vision of health and clarity. Your eyes deserve the very best, and that's exactly what we provide.

Eye hospital in Begusarai

Health Information

This information includes medical history, current health conditions, test results, medications, treatments, and lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise habits.

Eye hospital in Begusarai

Medical Education

Our team prioritize ongoing education and training to ensure our staff is well-versed in the latest medical techniques, technologies, and research.

Eye hospital in Begusarai

Qualified Doctors

Our experts possess extensive experience in their respective fields dedicated to delivering personalized care, and utilizing their expertise to diagnose and treat the eye conditions.

Eye hospital in Begusarai

Symptom Check

Symptom check involves evaluating symptoms to determine potential underlying conditions and is best done with the guidance of a healthcare professional.

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Get Right Health Care Services With Your Doctor

Navlok Netralaya stands as a beam of exceptional eye care hospital in Begusarai, Bihar. With advanced facilities, a compassionate team, and a commitment to innovation, we are dedicated to preserving and enhancing your vision. When you choose Navlok Netralaya, you entrust your eye health to a team of qualified professionals committed to providing top-notch medical care and you benefit from a team that values continuous learning and applies the most up-to-date knowledge to provide exceptional eye care services.

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Don't compromise on your vision. Trust Navlok Netralaya for excellence in eye care
Your eyes deserve the best !!

Take the first step towards clearer vision and optimal eye health by scheduling an appointment with Navlok Netralaya. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions and guide you through your eye care journey.


Eye hospital in Begusarai


Our Optimistic Team

Step into a world of enthusiasm and dedication with Our Optimistic Team. Committed to radiating positivity in every aspect of what we do, our dynamic team is here to uplift and inspire.

Eye hospital in Begusarai

Dr.(Mrs.)Poonam Singh

Eye Surgeon

A highly skilled professional dedicated to restoring and preserving your vision with precision and care.

Eye hospital in Begusarai

Dr.Nawneet Kumar


Our director is a visionary leader with a profound commitment to advancing eye care and well-being of our patients.


Our Happy Patients

Our success is measured by the smiles of our satisfied patients who have experienced exceptional eye care and a brighter vision.


One of the greatest infrastructure i visted to this hospital last week. specialy Dr. NAWNEET SIR Behavior completely down to earth don't feel such a big doctor like this. M much impressed such a neat and clean hospital no other hospital like this in begusarai. 3 units of hospital Nvalok cancer center Navlok Netralaya Navlok hospital (ICU AND TRAUMA CENTER)


Best and cooperative staff, dedicated doctors, and proper facilities it was a great choice to go to this hospital very nice


Authentic hospital for eye-related problems as well as Cancer and General Surgery. We maintain high standards of hygiene. The staff is polite and helpful-one of the best Hospitals in north Bihar.


Best hospital in the field of eye surgery. You must have visited once if u need..I


Very good facilities and healthcare services are provided.

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